Children today are immersed in multi-faceted modes of education, especially when it comes to music education. They have access to multi-track, fully produced, complex music right at their fingertips. Single-faceted music classes of days gone by do not capture or keep children’s attention any more.

Mrs. B’s preschool program features original songs written with the modern child in mind. Her material emphasizes components of early childhood education and age-appropriate life-lessons – including manners, good hygiene, friendship, and kindness. Her program is often adapted to complement school curriculum, raise awareness for the world around the children, and simplify the early stages of music education.

Mrs. B creates her clever and sneakily sophisticated songs with varied themes, different voice inflections, puppet friends, and more. Mrs. B’s interactive music program spurs the imagination and captures and keeps the attention of preschool children.

Mrs. B’s Preschool Music!

  1. I'm So Hungry Mrs. B 1:23
  2. Itty Bitty Mrs. B 3:53
  3. Jack In The Box Mrs. B 1:09
  4. Keep Rollin Mrs. B
  5. Let It Fly Mrs. B 2:00
  6. Caboose Mrs. B 2:14
  7. Malvina Moe Mrs. B 2:33
  8. Roly Poly Mrs. B
  9. Slap Jack Doodle Back Mrs. B 1:42
  10. Ssssummer Mrs. B
  11. Stop Light Song Mrs. B 0:55
  12. Summer Ain't For Sissies Mrs. B 1:25
  13. Suzanna Mrs. B 1:50
  14. Turkey Groove Mrs. B
  15. Brush Your Teeth Mrs. B 2:21
  16. Dooba Dooba Mrs. B 2:43
  17. Five Little Monkeys Mrs. B
  18. Forest Mrs. B 2:17
  19. Gandy Dancing Mrs. B
  20. Great Big Coloful World Mrs. B 2:00
  21. Hand in Hand Mrs. B
  22. Humpty Dumpty Mrs. B
  23. I Wanna Shake It Mrs. B 1:47

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