You’ve never seen story telling like this before!

Mrs. B, children’s author and musician, has been entertaining and educating children around the world for over 15 years. Mrs. B captivates and engages children through original and innovative stories and/or songs.

Her big stage productions for large school assemblies rock the house while teaching valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of literacy, and encouraging kindness. Her adaptive preschool programs feature musical instruments, puppet friends, and a cornucopia of voices and characters – engaging even the youngest of preschoolers.

Mrs. B has a passion for sharing her love of music and storytelling. In particular, Mrs. B has a special place in her heart for the children of our military members. “Military Kids” and their families have hosted Mrs. B’s program multiple times over the years from Pearl Harbor to Alaska, to Germany, Italy, Spain, and more. In addition to her regular material Mrs. B has special songs just for Military kids.

Mrs. B featured on Arizona Midday

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