We're Military kids. What'chu think about that?

A Message from Mrs. B

Hi Kids!

If you’re a military kid, you’re one very special kind of child! My own four children are military kids. What I have seen them sacrifice over their father’s 18 year career in the Army is mind boggling. Their pride and support of him is an inspiration to me. The song you should hear playing right now is a song that embraces how my own military kids feel.

I bet you feel the same way. Be proud of your supportive roll in the welfare, safety and protection of our country. The fathers and mothers who serve could not do their job well if they didn’t know they had your support! Keep up the good work.

You are AMAZING, Military Kids!

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Mrs. B travels the world entertaining Military Kids with her live performances!

Mrs. B has traveled to, or is making plans to travel to the following Military Installations:


U.S. Coast Guard, Kodiak

Luke AFB

Pearl Harbor
Hickam AFB
Scofield Barracks


ECAPTS (European PTA)
Ramstein Intermediate School
Vogelweh Elementary School
Ramstein Elementary School
Bamberg Elementary School
Kitzingen Elementary School
Patch Elementary School
Boeblingen Elementary School
Spangdahlem Elementary School
Bitburg Elementary School
Mannheim Elementary School
Agonner Elementary School
Aukamm Elementary School
Smith Elementary School
Wetzel Elementary School
Neubrucke Elementary School

Naples Elementary School

DGF Elementary School (Rota Navel Base)
Sevilla Elementary School

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