Dear Parents,

We all want and we all try to “connect” with our children.  When my children were younger, it was easy.  I’d take my guitar into their classroom and sing songs.  I’d tell stories.  My children and their friends would just have a great time.

As they got older I worried that I would find myself becoming “less cool” and the thought of them growing up too fast and leaving story time (and Mommy) behind too soon as unacceptable to me.  So…..I grew my story time along with them.

My business, Mrs. B’s Story Time…with a twist  is just that.  What was once a beloved family pastime turned into something for not only my children, but everyone else’s children as well.

As you meander through our website I encourage you remember that this is all one mother’s attempt to stay connected to her children throughout their school years and, through music and storytelling, remind them of the following:

•To be kind and merciful
•To exhibit good behavior
•To make good choices
•To fall in love with books

•To never be too old to laugh and be silly…to be a kid as long as they possibly can.


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