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Watch Mrs. B perform for students grades K - 4!!!

Watch and learn why Mrs. B is successful and
popular as a presenter for older students grades 5 - 8!!!!

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Mrs. B’s Story Time…with a twist is an educational, motivational, interactive, original presentation designed to completely engage students grades K-8 in two very different, age appropriate programs.  Her messages are clear with an emphasis on


Mrs. B, with a full-time puppeteer, rolls in a staged set-up that is nine feet tall in the center and 35 feet long. It is a completely self-contained 1,000 watt system that provides fully produced, professional music and sound for large school assemblies.

She weaves her way through story, song and puppet assisted lessons during a 40 minute assembly. She fully engages her audiences in her performances through her upbeat tempo, ridiculous faces, cornucopia of voices, unique style of storytelling with a twist and her great use of rhythm, rhyme and repetition throughout. While entertaining her audiences she simultaneously educates them as well. Mrs. B is a hit at schools... . with students AND teachers!


Teachers rock out during the show!

Teachers get their hip hop on during Mrs. B’s presentations.

This Principal from Naples Elementary School in Italy rode his Harley into the multi-purpose room
and really ROCKED OUT!

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