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"Mrs. B" Carri Blake-Brekke

"Mrs B" has been creating children's songs since she was 11 and performing story time for her own children and their classmates for the past two decades.  

Now she brings her treasured (and sometimes wacky) stories, songs and animation to your children through'Mrs. B's Story Time...With a Twist's live performances at schools, bookstores, special events, all over the United States and abroad for military installations and schools.

See Mrs. B's bio here.

"Miss Jodi" Jodi Melton

"Miss Jodi" has been an artist from the time she could walk and has been drawing these characters for many years.  Now, she shares them with a wider audience through illustrations in Mrs B's Story Time... with a twist story/song books with sing-a-long CDs book series. (Note:  Miss Jodi and Mrs. B are SISTERS!!!!).


"K Man" Kerry Jackson
Musical Director

is Mrs. B’s musical director.  From the day Kerry and Mrs. B met, they “clicked” as a musical team. Mrs. B conceptualizes and writes her songs. Then, Kerry transforms them into the fully produced songs you all hear in her shows and on her CDs. In a few short years, they have produced an incredible amount of diverse and original music in every imaginable style and sound.

Mrs. B, Miss Jodi, and Kerry's combined musical and artistic talents create the magic that is 'Mrs. B's Story Time...With a Twist'®!


How in the world we got started:

'Mrs. B's Story Time...With a Twist' is the result of years of writing and imagination. Since the time Mrs. B was given her first guitar at 11 she has been creating silly songs for family and friends. Mrs. B's sister Jodi has been drawing her characters since they were kids. How appropriate that their childhood hobbies are now being used to touch the lives of so many wonderful children.

The minute Mrs. B. walks into a classroom/auditorium filled with bored 5th through 8th graders or high school students her talents touch their hearts and funny bones. Within minutes of beginning story time you can see these stressed out 10 to 18 year olds (going on 35) turn from uninterested to completely jazzed and tuned in. For 30 - 45 minutes, they are who they are meant to be... children. They soften, smile, try to sing the words, and are soon happy and involved.

Mrs. B is not a teacher or a child psychologist but a mom who has used this as a tool to bring fun to her own children and their classmates for 15 years. Mrs. B is doing what she has done since her children were small, only now, she is doing it for everyone else's children too.